Así Te Quiero

Photo by Claudio Gaete-Tapia © 2012 yadira. All rights reserved.

Así te quiero   I’ve loved you for lifetimes that echo in my heart   Unconditionally and infinitely I’ve loved you in grinding times rough mornings and Sunday evenings   Así te quiero   Like sunshine after a hard winter … Continue reading

Thank you Rainbow Theater and UCSC

DonYadira © 2012 yadira. All rights reserved.

It felt like a dream. My performance at Stevenson College sponsored by Rainbow Theater at UCSC was such a long anticipated event for me, that seeing it manifest was almost unreal. The stage at Stevenson College was the first stage … Continue reading

California Bound…

ONEJOURNEY © 2012 jazmin. All rights reserved.

By this time tomorrow night I will be with the lovely students from UCSC! I am looking forward to performing the latest version of my show and to make new friends and hang out with old friends and loved ones. … Continue reading

El Paso Sunset: 2011 Reflection

910778855_om9Ci-L © 2012 yadira. All rights reserved.

2011, you rocked my world! You took me through challenges, adventures and endeavors I had always dreamed of while teaching me so much about myself. I did a lot of learning and growing in this year as it was my … Continue reading

One Journey Video Gallery

Flyer2012 © 2011 yadira. All rights reserved.

Saludos! Hope this catches you in uplifted spirits as we see 2011 closing to a new and wonderful year of 2012! I’m excited to present these videos to you as I prepare for an exciting year of touring One Journey. … Continue reading

Dance for a Dollar

INTAR © 2011 yadira. All rights reserved.

Last week I had the pleasure and opportunity to participate in a developing dance theater project called Dance for a Dollar at Intar Theater. There were eleven actors in the participating cast including myself, and I was so excited to … Continue reading