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On a Journey to the border of Fnideq/Ceuta

Fnideq/Ceuta Border Crossing The first time I crossed the border from Fnideq (Morocco) to Ceuta (Spain), I went empty handed, carrying only my passport and phone with the intention of observing and living the experience before attempting to document anything. … Continue reading

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The Cross Border Project

  Lucia Miranda and The Cross Border Project The following blog is dedicated to the Cross Border Project in Madrid, Spain as a reflection of this experience. Lucia and I met in 2009 as graduate students at NYU, sharing friendship … Continue reading

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Support the One Journey U.S./Mexico Border Tour through Indiegogo!

Dear One Journey blog followers! The journey has begun! Be a part of this life changing endeavor and support One Journey, a one-woman show going on a U.S./Mexico border road tour to inspire dialogue on border identity and politics through … Continue reading

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Summer of Empowerment through Educational Theater

This summer I’ve been honored to be a part of various educational events where I have facilitated Theater of the Oppressed workshops with people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. Facilitating workshops at the Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed … Continue reading

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Así Te Quiero: A Womyn’s Self-Love Poetry Project

Dear friends, family, readers, As promised, here are the Self-Love poems from some of the most amazing womyn I know. I thank them for taking the time to write and share a piece of their process with Self-Love. I hope … Continue reading