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2014-15 Performance Dates – Stepping Into New

Dear family, friends and community,

I'm thrilled and humbled for the opportunity to share my performance dates for the 2014-15 year! Since my One Journey U.S./Mexico Border Road Tour last year, I've done a lot of processing of this work and my goal(s) as an artist, which essentially is to be the best story teller I can possibly and honestly be on paper and on stage.

I'm excited to step into a rebirth asking myself, "How and why is theater valuable to talk about women on the U.S./Mexico border and women of color internationally? How can I improve on my craft as a writer and performer? How can I meet audiences where they are at no matter where I go?" and then some... and as I'm whirling in my endless growth, I get an invitation or have a wonderful conversation with an artist or organizer who I admire, love and respect, which leads me to these collaborations.

I'm looking forward to showing up at my 100% in these upcoming performances to engage in art and dialogue with every community I'm having the privilege to visit.

You can find my touring schedule below and a short reel from one of my most recent performances HERE.

I'll be updating this blog with more details as I move forward. Catch me if you can! You know where I'll be, and if you're interested in collaborating, Iet's connect!

Always pa'lante! Thank you all for your continued support!

In love and art,

Yadira De La Riva



Aug. 28

Featured Poet at monthly Open Expressions at Lenox Coffee - Harlem, NY.

Sept. 6

One Journey at Chicanismo Y Latinismo hosted by Creative Alliance - Baltimore, MD.

Sept. 12        

One Journey at The New School - Days  of Art & Ideas 'Thinking Out Loud' feature with Liza Jesse Peterson (Peculiar Patriot) and Marc Wolf (Another American: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) - New York, NY.

Sept. 14-21

CSW Professional Development and Diversity Theater Workshops in Mexico City

Oct. 9-12

Visiting Poet at DePaul University - Chicago, IL

Oct. 28-Nov. 4

CSW Professional Development and Diversity Theater Workshops in Mexico City

Visiting theater facilitator for Secretaría de Educación Pública in Oaxaca

Nov. 8

2014 GLCA Students of Color Leadership Conference website at DePauw University



Feb. 14

Special Performance TBA - El Paso, TX

Feb. 26-27

One Journey at Globalization, Diversity and Education Conference - Washington State University in Pullman, WA