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One Journey U.S./Mexico Border Tour – Fall 2013!

I'm ready to hit the road and share a piece about my border experience with other borderland residents with whom I can expand on the dialogue about border identity and politics! The work cannot be legit until I take it home!

Your support is much appreciated! Check out my press kit and please contact me at yadira.delariva@gmail.com if you are interested in bringing my work to your community centers, schools and theaters!


One Journey:

Stitching Stories Across the Mexican “American” Border

Written and Performed by Yadira De La Riva

Multi-Media Design by Kenji Calderon-Miyamoto

Music Contributions by FUGA – www.myspace.com/fuguista

I began writing for theater in a creative effort to understand my identity as an American from the U.S./Mexico borderland of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Living on the margins of the United States and Mexico, I often felt ignored or completely overlooked by mainstream media in both countries. What did it mean for me to live in a small community divided by a fence that separated my family by nationality, and for us to compromise our cultural heritages depending on what side of the border we were on and for our bi-national lifestyles to be directly impacted by border enforcement everyday? Theater has provided the vehicle for me to address U.S./Mexico border identity and issues such as immigration, labor, femicide (mass killing of women) and the recent war on drugs. These issues have impacted my community for generations and continue to inform the artist I am today. In the lack of women’s voices like mine, I am inspired to represent these marginalized American stories and to use the stage to universalize our personal experiences in the larger global context.

One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican “American” Border began as an idea, a seed planted in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, nourished in the Bay Area, California and harvested in New York City. After ten years of digging for my history through insightful family and community interviews, I was determined to transform the richness of their stories into a dramatic interpretation that became this one-woman show. One Journey had its world premier in 2010 with an independently produced collaborative project entitled Emerging Identities: Bodies on the Line. Since then I have had the privilege of perform One Journey in different theaters, community centers and universities throughout the United States to raise awareness of the socio-political realities of border life. My vision is to reach international audiences, promote women’s stories and question the meaning of borders in today’s world through the lens of theater.

Yadira De La Riva


Performance Description

One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican “American” Border is a woman’s coming of age story on the United States/Mexico border specifically located in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. This documentary one-woman theater play weaves personal borderlander interviews and creative imagination to tell the story of a family separated by border enforcement and the U.S./Mexico war on drugs. The goal of this performance project is to shed a feminine light on borderland identity that is influenced by dual languages, values and cultures as well as by cross-border economics, nationalities and immigration policy.

One Journey begins in Juarez with a Mexican couple’s effort to give birth to their children in El Paso, Texas hoping to eventually immigrate to the United States and raise their family in better economic conditions. Narrated by their second born daughter, Yadira takes audiences through her socialization of cross-border life where home, work and family are separated by a physical barrier that her community must negotiate everyday. The plot thickens as border enforcement, family division, deportation and violence replaces a cross-border normalcy she once thought existed. With the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo as her only bond to a borderless history, she attempts to stitch the wound separating her family and community back together by reconnecting with the greatest life source of her land.

This play uses theater, comedy, poetry, movement, dance, music, and multimedia projections to visually highlight the El Paso/Juarez physical location. Using a bench, tape and video background as part of the setting, Yadira creates the border on which characters negotiate their from one nation to another. The play is approximately one hour long and includes ten different characters, all which serve to represent different perspectives regarding border dynamics.

About the Artist

Yadira De La Riva is an artist/educator from El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz and was an intern for Theater of the Oppressed in Brazil in 2002. She has taught theater workshops in California, New York, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba and Ethiopia. Yadira recently obtained her Master’s Degree in Artivism: Performance as Cultural Resistance at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study as a Newington-Cropsey Fellow. As part of her Master’s thesis she wrote, performed and produced “One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican ‘American’ Border”. One Journey was performed in New York as part of Emerging Identities Solo Performance Collaborative; Emerging Artist Theater: One Woman Standing Theater Festival; and Gallatin’s Master’s Thesis Showcase in Spring 2010 in New York. Since then, One Journey has been featured in theaters and universities in California, Washington, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, Wisconsin and New York. The show has gathered momentum for a 2013 nationwide tour with dates soon to be released. Yadira is an intellectually fierce and multi-faceted performer whose passion is to write, perform and produce performances that represent and empower marginalized voices nationally and internationally. For more information go to: www.yadiradelariva.com and www.onejourneychronicles.com



Huffington Post, Hispanic Heritage

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Post Show Dialogue and Workshops(Modified According to Needs/Requests)

Post Show Dialogue

U.S./Mexico Border Policy

  • Border culture and geopolitical location
  • History of U.S./Mexico border enforcement
  • NAFTA and maquiladoras (factories) on the border
  • History, politics and activism regarding femicide in Ciudad Juarez
  • 2006 War on Drugs
  • Resources and information to learn more about U.S./Mexico border
  • Expanding dialogue to other borders in conflict world wide

Creative Process

  • Writing a one-person show
  • Documentary theater: weaving fact and fiction
  • Independent producing
  • Collaborating cross artistic mediums
  • Women and marketing strategies


Theater of the Oppressed/Augusto Boal

  • Using personal experiences to create art/theater
  • Image Theater – a universal language
  • Forum Theater – putting social change to practice
  • Trust and community building
  • Collaborative skit building
  • Cross medium performance: dance, poetry, multimedia, music
  • Cross cultural performance: Diversity in art/theater
  • Hip Hop Theater


One Journey Performance History

  • Emerging Artists: Bodies on the Line (New York, NY) – April 2010


  • Master’s Thesis Showcase (New York, NY) – April 2010
  • ISM 2010 – April 2010



  • One Woman Standing Festival (New York, NY) – May 2010
  • Museo del Barrio – Super Sábado (New York, NY) – May 2010
  • Latina/o Focus Group, Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) Conference, Company of Angels Theater (Los Angeles, CA) – August 2010
  • Disposable: Ciudad Juarez and the War on Women, NYU (New York, NY) – Sept 2010
  • Museum of the City of New York, Saturday Academy (New York, NY) – Oct 2010
  • NYU La Herencia/ Our Journey of Empowerment Conference (New York, NY) – Nov 2010
  • United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (Chicago, IL) – Feb 2011
  • La Peña Cultural Center: indiVISIBLE Tour (Berkeley, CA) – Feb 2011
  • AF3IRM Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization (New York, NY) – March 2011
  • Celebrating Cesar Chavez at The Point in the South Bronx (New York, NY) – April 2011
  • 7 Stages indiVISIBLE (Atlanta, GA) – April 2011
  • Earsay, Transforming Trauma into Art - Repertorio Español (New York, NY) – June 2011
  • Latino Student Union – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI) – Oct 2011
  • Rainbow Theater – University of CA, Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA) – Feb 2012
  • The Society for Immigrant and Refugee Rights – Columbia University (New York, NY) – Feb 2012
  • Week of Women Speakers, Washington State University (Pullman, Washington) – Feb 2012
  • Association of Latin American Students, Bradley University (Peoria, IL) – March 2012
  • Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) – November 2012
  • Pi Lambda Chi Latina, University of Colorado, Boulder (Boulder, CO) – March 2013
  • La Casa Latina, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Urbana, IL) – April 2013


Technical Needs

A projector and backdrop/screen

A bench (preferably) or chair

Production Costs (Fees are negotiable depending on service provided and hosting institution.)
Support with traveling expenses and lodging will be much appreciated!


Booking Contact

Yadira De La Riva