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Así Te Quiero: A Womyn’s Self-Love Poetry Project

Dear friends, family, readers,

As promised, here are the Self-Love poems from some of the most amazing womyn I know. I thank them for taking the time to write and share a piece of their process with Self-Love. I hope that their words inspire you as much as they have inspired me, to take a moment to show ourselves Love through writing and/or our favorite form of expression that makes us feel the most alive, gifted and precious. This is a gift beyond Womyn's Hestory Month since self-love is a life long journey. You will see this reflected in each one of these works.

Enjoy and please feel free to submit your writing to this blog if you are inspired to share.

In love and solidarity.



My Path is Sacred

by Roxana Aguilar - Xana


Born from a sacred wound

I rise from an aquatic state

Into a world that takes my breathe away


Build strength in my muscles made of stardust

I rise and take my first steps

Towards freedom


Armed with the love of my ancestors

I rise to understand language

The power of bold and bright words


Beautiful youth

I rise and bloom into a young woman

With strength lit up by red streams


Accepting love

I rise to meet my loved ones

To bond and nurture our sacred ties


My path is sacred

I rise to the meet the moon

Into my continual evolution


A new seed incubated in my womb

She rises to meet the nourishing waters

To fill her soul for bloom


As I walk from an aquatic state

Take my first steps towards freedom

Into my continual evolution


I rise above it all

In a hostile galaxy

I am a strong woman.




by Justine Ouano


For you


Strong and beautiful

Fierce and intelligent

Confident and fearless


For all of you


Pained and insecure

Shy and nervous

Lonely and restless


Words made flesh, this flesh is me

Sometimes chaotic, sometimes messy

Peaced together and complete

Because love conquers all


Remember this:


Love is the place that blesses you

With the freedom to let all your layers coexist

And still move forward


In struggle

In power

In humility

In peace


Stay living with it

Even though it won’t always be pretty

Forever strive to be where you are now

You are worthwhile


Always be in love.



Mira tu!

by BeeNi


You’ve always seemed to respond to the Oye’s and numbers

Forgetting you too have a name

Smeared blood by tus padres

At the wake of your first cry

First born

They carved it on paper for los gringos to know







Confined in magical statures of hope

Choking difference in these names

Nombres espiritus of love

Solicitations hammered deep

I will not lie to you, physicality’s

Never mean much

Own las palabras like they are su ultima






Story books always whispered

You were the most high

Realidad seeping poison

Frequencies disrupted by

Radio interference

Do not relinquish

The mensaje

thrust mightily

Until it is embodied

By the universe

A universe that is your right hip y mano






A word you are learning to call yourself

Swabbing scraps off tongues

Of man you wish would say it

Un palabra that only you could ever

Engrave into the tierra of your skin

Creating life through the irrigation of change







This journey has not been facil

And loving you was once imposible



Breaking the chains of confinement were not an option

When luz tore through the dark

And asked you to follow it




You will learn to know you are perfect


No one else can be you

Love you

Want you

Mas de yo

We are true love

Everything else is lust




by Geneviève DeBose


Endless opportunity

Boundless energy


To be me

To be who I was

To be who I want

To be




Familial safety

Unconditional acceptance

Unlimited options

Moments of reality




Change agent

Artistic creator

Physical movement

Rhythmic pulse

Heart racing

Sunrays, warmth, and

Babies’ births




To observe

To inhale

To breathe




To dream

To exit the zone of comfort





To experience life





Blessed to be.



Love Letter...

by Lorilee Chien

I am inviting womyn to write Love poems to themselves as we complete this International Womyn's Herstory month. I will be posting up these poems on my blog ( as a way to empower more womyn on their journey in self love. If you're interested, please send your poetry/prose/letters to:

A love letter to myself. Hmmm ... Yes! It sounds empowering. As I am a women's studies major it sounds write (right) up my alley. It's the last day of International Women's History Month and again I'm staring at my blank computer screen. It occurred to me (after 2 weeks of procrastinating) I didn't want to write a love letter to myself. I liken the experience to being married to someone for 33 years (I'm 33) and it was as if someone was asking you write a gushy love letter to your partner when your currently in a rough patch with them. I am in a rough patch with myself and writing love is hard for me right now. Loving yourself is like marriage. It's starts out honeymoon, you are open, curious, in awe, flexible, forgiving and unconditional. Then somewhere down the line people start to tell you you are not okay, then you start to tell yourself you are not okay and you start to believe it. It becomes a process of chasing original feelings of love, fighting, thinking "Where did it go wrong?" What did I do wrong?". Looking outside yourself for validation. Love becomes erratic and disheveling. It makes you crazy.There are always moments of finding, brilliance and alignment. It changes everyday and quite frankly hourly, from "God Damm, I am a catch", to "I can't believe I am myself, I can't stand me!." Sometimes it's boring, mundane and routine. That's when I have to spice things up by going dancing, taking myself out to eat or reading a good book. Then there's the breaking up to make up stages, this is usually made-up personal drama to justify a poor personal decision. Example: I'm not too happy with myself so I'm going to drink too much and not remember my entire night. This usually leads to a beneficial cleanse of some sort. All this is to say: love and loving yourself is hard and is a life long process of patience, laughing at yourself and knowing that the commitment in the end is worth it ... I am worth it. (Okay I'm in love with myself again)

-Lorilee Chien

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