Photo by Claudio Gaete-Tapia © 2012 yadira. All rights reserved.

Así Te Quiero

Así te quiero


I've loved you for lifetimes

that echo in my heart


Unconditionally and infinitely

I've loved you in grinding times

rough mornings

and Sunday evenings


Así te quiero


Like sunshine after a hard winter

and the wrinkles of healing pain


I've loved you in broken smiles

awkward silences

and truthful solitude


I’ve loved you in wailing songs

uplifted from my chest


I’ve rejoiced in the dance of your shadow

and the path your crooked feet have taken


Your borderless eyes need no definition to exist


I choose to be in nobody’s world but yours


No question

Through years, tears and fears

I have been there to witness the liberation of your strength




You are a reflection of humanity

in its rawest beauty



Te quiero




Photo by Claudio Gaete-Tapia