Photo by Africano Fotografia © 2011 yadira. All rights reserved.

VH&FD Introduces: Yadira De La Riva and The Social Justice Theater

Working as an artist and educator, I've been blessed with opportunities to collaborate with individuals whose visions outstretch minds and even lifetimes. We grow together as we discuss the infinite ways we aim to evolve personally and artistically while celebrating each other's work along the way. I give thanks to Africano Fotografia for highlighting my work as an educator at Project Morry this past summer and giving me the space to speak on what teaching Social Justice Theater means to me.

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VH&FD Introduces: Yadira De La Riva & The Social Justice Theater

Africano Fotografia will be showcasing his work at La Peña Cultural Center on December 11, 2011. To find out more about this great event go to and Reawakening the Afro-American Consciousness event on Facebook. Don't miss it!